API | Enumerations

Contains enumerations used in the request and responses.

Report Output

The output of a report.


The gender of a team or division.

Registration Status

The status used to publicly show teams.


The status of the division or team in a division.

Price Type

The type of price for an event or division.

Coach Type

The type of coach.

Sport Type

The type of sport.

Event Type

The type of event.

Event Sub-Type

The sub-type of the event.

Participation Type

The participation type of the event.

Age Group Type

The age group of the event.

Travel/Lodging Vendor Type

The tyep of travel/lodging vendor associated with the event.

Participant Won By Types

Game outcome types for the winner.

Event invite Type

The invite type of an event.

Event Includes

Additional data for an event.

Division Includes

Additional data for a division.

Team Includes

Additional data for a team.

Player Includes

Additional data for a player.

Game Includes

Additional data for a game.

Time Zones

Time zones.


Available ages.


Available grades.


Available event participant abilities.

Event Certifications

Type of certifications offered for an event.


Available state/regions.

Guardian Types

Available guardian types.

Mobile Carriers

Available mobile carriers.

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